Gallery: Wonderful and current Mexican resistance posters

Mexican movements create artistic, poetic, powerful, and creative posters to build events and support causes. A lot of symbolism and references to Indigenous culture are used. Below are just a few of some of the awesome posters used by organizations over the past year. No fearful, nor obedient, nor submissive - It's women's time Unity... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: People watching

I love going to a nearby plaza or sitting in a cafe or on the train and writing about the people I can see. I observe their posture, facial expressions, and actions, and imagine how they are feeling and what they could be thinking. It's a great exercise for practising the connections between physical description... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercises: Quick creativity

Creativity is, in essence, new ideas, new ways of seeing things, new combinations of old things. Sometimes when we're writing - articles, novels, stories, songs etc - it can be hard to chill and get into a creative frame of mind. The following super-quick exercises can be helpful in opening you up to new ideas... Continue Reading →

Little poem: What I Mean When I Say Survivor

This is one of Brenna Twohy's shorter poems, honest and confronting and for basic female dignity, as always. I, too have loved men who named my mouth ashtray, mistook me for a place to leave burning things when they were done.

List: 40 Books by Oppressed People

My aim is to read these books this year. What a magical wealth of stories, thoughts, strong characters, complex life views, and places to journey to. Its a collection of awesome authors¬†and regions, including indigenous people from different countries, sexually diverse people, hardcore women, industrial workers, migrants, revolutionaries, Black activists, and people who have faced... Continue Reading →

Interviewed by war..

By¬†Australian activist and health care worker, Susan Austin: Veteran The sunken couch cradles him. He grips the remote (friend). The baby, the pot plant, her gloss lipstick all study him. Doctors riddle him with diagnoses but it is war that goes on interviewing him each night. He asks alcohol to counsel him but all each... Continue Reading →

Upcoming event: Sydney

Resisting with Words and Imagining Another World October 23, 2015 6:00PM Resistance Centre, 22 Mountain St, Ultimo, Sydney, Australia Hosts: Green Left Weekly For more information call 8070 9330 or Peter 0401 760 577

what the cicada said to the brown boy

i've seen what they make of you how they render you a multiplicity of mistakes they have undone me as well pulled back my shell and feasted on my flesh claimed it was for their survival and they wonder why I only show my face every seventeen years but you you're lucky if they let... Continue Reading →

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