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Latin America

Volcanic eruptions in Mexico and the dangers of fetishizing natural disasters in the Global South – The Real News

Tesla Plans to Build Huge Factory in Mexican City Struggling With Water Scarcity – Truthout

Indigenous Mexicans risk their lives to defend the environment from organized crime and ‘insatiable, predatory’ transnational corporations – The Real News

NAFTA’s Imposed Poverty Paved the Way for Mexico’s Informal Work Economy – Truthout

Does Mexico’s Wind Industry Deliver More Dirty Profits Than Clean Energy? – Truthout

Indigenous Mexicans stand up to multinationals threatening their survival, climate – GreenLeft

“It’s Not a Drought, It’s Looting”: Water Rights Activists Organize in Mexico – Truthout

The Horrific Scam that Water Billionaires are Running on Poor Countries – CounterPunch

Indigenous activists in Mexico launch global campaign against water bottling transnationals – GreenLeft

Mexican Forces Evict Indigenous Activists Who Took Over Water Bottling Plant – Truthout

Mexico: Journalists unite in protest after three murdered in two weeks – GreenLeft

After 12 years of right-wing coup government, the left wins in Honduras – ContraCorriente

The US Owes Mexico at Least $37 Trillion in Reparations for Poverty, Violence, and Environmental Damage – CounterPunch, Resumen Latinoamericano and Lado B (Spanish)

WalmartLand: How US Stores Colonizing Mexico are Displacing Local Culture – CounterPunch, Common Dreams, GL

Mexico: Indigenous communities take over water-bottling plant to use as a social centre – GL

US Concern for Cuba, Latin America Is Spin For Intervention – CounterPunch, Common Dreams, GL

With the biggest elections in history and the pandemic, corruption is increasingly suffocating Mexicans –TRT

Harris’ cruel immigration statement reveals the US’ true colours – TRT

The Honduran president used Facebook to massively inflate his popularity – an interview with Sophie Zhang – ContraCorriente, Spanish

Mexico: Communities want Bonafont water gone – GreenLeft

US pledges to treat causes of migration while maintaining its corporate colonisation of Mexico, Honduras – TRT

Profiting From Desperation: Oxygen Tanks Become an Underground Market in Mexico – Truthout

Absence of Abortion Rights is Depriving Latin America of Agency and the Right to Thrive – CounterPunch, GreenLeft, Spanish – LadoB.

Mexico’s pandemic-induced radio boom enables people to counter racism – TRT

Guatemalan and Mexican governments use pandemic to turn back refugee caravan – GreenLeft, CounterPunch

Closure of Border to Refugees Spreads Misery as US Tourists Vacation in Mexico – Truthout

US Drinking Beer, Producing Cars and Military Tech at the Expense of Mexican Lives – Common Dreams, CounterPunch, GL

Strange and Excessive Abuses by Corporations, Officials, and Narcos are Slipping Under the Radar in Mexico – GreenLeft, CounterPunch

‘One day without us’ — Mexican women’s strike makes history – GreenLeft.

Mexicans Building a Feminist Internet Face Challenges – CounterPunch, OD (Spanish)

US and Corporations Key Factors Behind Most Violent Year Yet in Mexico – CounterPunch, GreenLeft

Airbnb Rentals Are Displacing Mexico City Residents as Rents Surge – TruthOut, Salon

The Devious Ways One Water Company Is Profiting From Poor Mexicans – TruthOut

Beer Transnationals are Sucking Mexico Dry – Toward Freedom

AMLO vs Zapata – New Internationalist

“We Feel Abandoned and Disposable:” How Thousands of Mexico’s Seniors are Exploited in Unpaid Jobs – Toward Freedom

“Migrating is an Act of Resistance”: A Report from Mexico’s World Social Forum on Migrations – Toward Freedom

Why Mexico’s Next President is No Friend of Migrants – CounterPunch, GreenLeft

Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Wins Mexican Presidential Election – The Real News

Could Mexico’s election change everything? – New Internationalist

Mexico quietly hands its water supply over to transnationals – GreenLeft

The Coca-Cola Invasion Is Causing Mexico’s Slow Death by Junk Food – Alternet, Spanish translation

The Many Ways Mexico Is Trying to Stop an Indigenous Woman Candidate for President – Truthout

Day of the Dead: Mexico’s Sugar Skull Artists Defy Idea that Art is for Elites – Toward Freedom

The Earthquake Just Keeps Going in Mexico – The Real News

A US charity helps big businesses take indigenous people’s water in Mexico – Open Democracy (and in Spanish).

Is water the new drug for Mexico’s cartels? – New Internationalist

Mexico: Governing party exploits refugees and migrants in T-shirt factory – GreenLeft

Chocolate as Resistance: Mexico’s Rich Chocolate Traditions Defy Corporate Globalization – Toward Freedom

Erasing Women in Mexico, New Internationalist

Resist to Exist: Mexico Still Protesting Two Years after Disappearance of 43 Students, Toward Freedom

Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day Under the Shadow of a Giant Wall, CounterPunch

Mexico Already Has a Giant Wall, and a Mining Company Helped to Build It, CounterPunch

Mexico: The Struggle of Traditional Pulque Against European Beer and Colonization, UpsidedownWorld

Bolivia: In death, a powerful symbol was born, GreenLeft

Bolivia: No longer victims and slaves, GreenLeft

Indigenous America: ‘A new era has begun’, Green Left

Che Guevara Murderer Attending Summit of the Americas, teleSUR

Bolivian opposition pulls off partial strike, GreenLeft

Mexican power workers take on government, GreenLeft

Ecuador: Correa launches re-election campaign, socialists give critical support, GreenLeft


The Border After Title 42: US Government is Illegal, Not Migrants – CounterPunch, GreenLeft, Common Dreams

The urgent global climate revolt that isn’t happening – GreenLeft, Common Dreams, CounterPunch

The Self-Centered Rich Country Response to Pandemics and Crises Is Wrecking Poor Countries – Common Dreams, CounterPunch, GreenLeft, Alternet

The Climate Crisis Means the Wrong People Are Running the World – Common Dreams

When it comes to beauty, rich white men have no idea – GreenLeft, CounterPunch

Children battling unhealthy body images need a different narrative about beauty – DailyClout, CounterPunch

The US gun industry kills more overseas – GreenLeft, Common Dreams, CounterPunch

This Is How Much The Average American Spends On Halloween – The Alternative Daily

Investigative Report: Are You Eating Genetically Modified Salmon? Here’s How To Know – The Alternative Daily

When The U.S. Pretends It’s The Center Of The Universe, The Establishment, Alternet

McDonald’s Is Handing Out Burgers To The Homeless — But Is It Helping? -Alternative Daily

Mansions and Slums: the Inequality of Living Space, Counterpunch

Guns, Beer, And Cigarettes Are Easier To Get Than The Pill, Role Reboot and Alternet

The empathy inequality: Pray for the rich and forget Haiti, Greenleft Weekly

How the wrinkle industry scam is hurting your health, Alternative Daily

The Rich Are Getting Louder and the Eventual Victory of Quiet, CommonDreams

Exposing Charities in Africa: Hypocrisy, Racism, Objectification, teleSUR

5 Things Women Shouldn’t Be Forced to Wear at Work, Alternative Daily

Tragedy Vultures: Opportunism in the Nepal Earthquake, teleSUR

The Short Long List of US Hypocrisy, teleSUR, co-author

20 Years of the WTO: A Story of Poverty and Protest, teleSUR

The World Vision message, GreenLeft

Auburn: Sick of being dumped on, GreenLeft

Pakistan: Third World youth organise against the odds, GreenLeft

PAKISTAN: Fighting for women’s rights, GreenLeft

South Africa: Stay in Dust, GreenLeft

ZIMBABWE: Mass protests planned for June, GreenLeft

ZIMBABWE: Socialists challenge government repression, GreenLeft

Australia: People’s inquiry reveals government lies, GreenLeft

ACM punishes Villawood detainees for protesting, GreenLeft

Australia: Council, police muzzle truth about refugees, GreenLeft (co-author) – One of my first

Media criticism

Why Global News Is Essential for Individual and Social Well Being – Common Dreams, Counter Punch, GreenLeft.

The Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart is full of bias and problems – CounterPunch

The Media Is Causing Harm by Reporting Official Covid-19 Figures From Poorer Countries – Common Dreams, CounterPunch, GreenLeft

All the Devastating Epidemics That Coronavirus is Distracting Us From – CounterPunch, Greenleft

Everything the Western Mainstream Media Outlets Get Wrong When Covering Poor Countries, Counterpunch and Global Research

Journalism Is Dying and Content Marketing Is Taking Its Place (I Know Because I Do Both), TruthOut

Clickbait v Political Impact: Alternative Journalism as Social Media Becomes the New News Source, Counterpunch

An Alternative Article for Christmas, teleSUR

The Color of Tragedy: Paris and the Media, Counterpunch

Some Lives Worth More? The Racist Media Coverage of Ebola, teleSUR

43 Lives, 2 Countries, teleSUR

#Nigeria2000 Highlights African Victims of Terror, teleSUR

Culture, education, imagination

Universal White Male Perspective is Destructive, says Mexican Tzotzil Filmmaker, CounterPunch, GreenLeft

The Vivid Dangers of Our Indifference to a Hellish World, Common Dreams

How creativity is killed in the Majority World,  New Internationalist

Vignettes and stories that get involved in life, Red Wedge Magazine

The Traditional Publishing Industry Is Killing Books, teleSUR and others

US Teachers Arrested, Criminalized as Education System Failing, teleSUR

Who Owns the Words? , teleSUR

Confusion about Happiness on World Happiness Day, teleSUR

Because intellectualism is for everyone and creativity is rebellious, Znet

Review: Too painful to hug, GreenLeft

La Escuela Alternativa de Pueblo Nuevo: Una Educación Liberadora , Aporrea (Spanish)

Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption – (English), Aporrea (Spanish)

What Would a Pro-Sexual Diversity World Look Like?, teleSUR

Imagination is a weapon against prejudice – Newcastle Herald


In Venezuela’s difficult times, the grassroots are stronger, New Internationalist

Venezuela country profile, New Internationalist

Community Organizations in Venezuela are Fighting the Good Fight, New York Times

Struggle Ahead for Venezuela Grassroots as Right-Wing Sworn In, teleSUR

2015: The Causes and Consequences of the Venezuela Election Results, teleSUR

Venezuelan Guarimbas: 11 Things the Media Didn’t Tell You, teleSUR

Interview: Venezuelan Elections Matter for Global Resistance, teleSUR

Peace at Stake in Venezuela’s Upcoming Elections, teleSUR

Venezuela: ‘Colectivos’ scare campaign demonises the poor, GreenLeft

Venezuelan UN Speech Criticises “Market Totalitarianism”, London Progressive Journal

Understanding the Venezuelan Presidential Election Outcome, Alborada

Participatory Democracy Would Help Venezuela, New York Times

Una lista incompleta de una posible Venezuela, Aporrea (Spanish)

Amnesty International Opposes Venezuelans Defending Their Human Rights,

Los migrantes invisibles en Venezuela, Aporrea (Spanish)

Merida, Venezuela: Testimonies of the Barricades,

Las quejas de la oposición sobre la falta de libertad de expression, Aporrea (Spanish)

Coups, Media and Stalemates: What Violent Protests Mean for Venezuela, (co-author)

El feminismo inconsistente de Chávez, Aporrea (Spanish)

Latest Human Rights Watch Report: 30 Lies about Venezuela,

Municipal Election Results: Venezuela Winning the War Waged against It,

First National Commune Conference: The Communes are the Antidote to Venezuela’s Economic Problems,

Undocumented Migrants in Venezuela Have More Rights than US Citizens in the US,

Demonising the “Colectivos”: Demonising the Grassroots,

Interview: The Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) – How Thousands of Movements are Constructing their Revolutionary Organisation –

La revolución bolivariana inspira a todos partes del mundo, Aporrea (Spanish)

International Corporate Media Campaigns for Venezuela’s Opposition Candidate Capriles,

The 14 April Venezuelan Presidential Election Campaign: Start of a New Era,

Venezuela Refuses to Recognise Honduran Elections and Congratulates Uruguyan President-elect, London Progressive Journal

‘A Real Revolutionary Must Be Truly Feminist’, New Matilda

The Scarcity Diaries,

Capriles Video: Opposition Pitches Violence for Municipal Elections,

Venezuelan Elections, Participation, and the Finger,

Recycling workers’ struggle for justice, GreenLeft

Why doesn’t Venezuela Ban Bullfighting?

Venezuelans speak: Revolution changing people’s lives, GreenLeft

Venezuela: Combatting food shortages, GreenLeft (co-author)

Science for Need not Greed: Venezuela’s Optical Instrument Plant,

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls for Calm after Violent Pro-RCTV Protests, Monthly Review

Venezuelan Youth: A Potential Antidote to the Weaknesses of the Revolution, Upside Down World

After Chavez: Grassroots Fight on Despite Opposition’s War of Attrition,

Venezuela’s Dreams and Demons: Has the Bolivarian Revolution Changed Education? ,

If Venezuela were Measured by the Majority,

Venezuela’s State Elections: When Winning Comes before Revolution,

The Insidious Bureaucracy in Venezuela: Biggest Barrier to Social Change,

Venezuela Promotes Breastfeeding over Baby Food, Corporate Media Spins Out of Control,

Crime in Venezuela: Opposition Weapon or Serious Problem? ,

UNESCO: Education in Venezuela Has Greatly Improved,

Students March for New Type of Education in Venezuela,

Venezuelan Report Discredits US Government, Advises Regime Change,

High School Dropout Rates down by Half in Venezuela,

Low Participation in Venezuelan Opposition’s Education Strike,

Demystifying Venezuela’s Inflation: The Opposition’s Red Herring,

Venezuelan Report Discredits US Government, Advises Regime Change,

The People Legislate: Grassroots Media Movement Creates Its Own Law,

A Story about Rubbish: Communities Takeover from Opposition Mayor,

New Venezuelan Ministry to be Run by Youth and Students,

Latin America no Longer for Sale: the New CELAC Poles Apart from the OAS,

Venezuela: US Criticisms of Venezuelan Drug Policies Hypocritical,

Microsoft versus Venezuela,

Being a Good Sport in Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution,

Venezuela: The Dangers of a Revolution against a Woman’s Right to Abortion,

Media Rage and Mainstream Lies about Venezuela,

Latin America no Longer for Sale: the New CELAC Poles Apart from the OAS,

The Sham that was the Opposition Primaries,

Planning the Next 6 Years of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution,

Venezuelan Voters Excited To Participate in Elections,

Beautiful Venezuela: Tourism with a Social Conscience,

Music Draws Venezuelan Youth to Revolution,

Microsoft versus Venezuela,

A Quick Response to BBC’s Article, “Venezuela’s economy in further slide”,

Venezuela’s Reformed Communal Council Law: When Laws Aren’t Just for Lawyers and Power Is Public,


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The Nifty, Slightly Nutty Guide to Spanish Mnemonics – FluentU

8 Spanish Conjugation Apps That’ll Transform How You Do Verbs – FluentU

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12 Essential Websites to Help You Learn Spanish – FluentU

Live en Vivo! 10 Spanish News Sites for Listening Practice – FluentU

17 Ways To Have The Best 2017 Possible – Alternative Daily

Amazon To Open Huge New Warehouse — In The Sky – Alternative Daily

Would You Kill 800,000 Birds For This? – Alternative Daily

This Is How Fried Foods Are Killing Your Brain And Increasing Your Risk Of Early Death – Alternative Daily

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How to Master the 20 Most Common Irregular Spanish Verbs – FluentU

Speaking Truth To Kids About Divorce (Hint: Marriage Is No Fairy Tale) – Alternative Daily

7 Myths About Love That Are Keeping You Unhappy – Alternative Daily

Investigative Report: How Common Is Male Chick Grinding In America? (Warning: Graphic Video)- Alternative Daily

Can You Say Impermeabilizante? How to Pronounce the Top 10 Hardest Spanish Words – FluentU

This Viral Video Shows How Hens Are Treated Before Eggs Go To Walmart – The Alternative Daily

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