Australian Aboriginal art resists and resists

Art is never just art in this ripped up mess of a world. Today's Aboriginal art is often an expression of cultural sovereignty and survival, in a country which oppresses Aboriginal people, but uses Aboriginal heritage and art as a commodity - as a highly profitable souvenir.  This post aims to celebrate various Aboriginal artists... Continue Reading →

Art for sexual diversity

Over the past few months Australians have been subject to a postal poll on whether everyone should have the right to get married, or just male-female couples. In defending sexual diversity, Aussies have created some vibrant and inspiring art - with just a sample of it shared below: Source: ABC Artist: n2o_jo Artist: teganiverson Artist:... Continue Reading →

Right-wing artists and writers hog the spotlight while few know about this brilliant refugee cartoonist

Right-wing cartoonist Bill Leak died recently. He had portrayed same-sex marriage campaigners wearing rainbow-coloured Nazi uniforms, Aboriginal fathers as neglectful and more. He also won nine Walkley awards and 20 Stanley awards, eight gold Cartoonists of the Year, and was twice the winner of News Corps' award for best cartoonist. Aussie same-sex marriage campaigner, and brilliant... Continue Reading →

Mining scars: occupation continues (art)

Jacky Green wants people to know what the big mining companies are getting away with on his land - land that's far away from the eyes of the mainstream media and the dominant methods of communication. And that's how his art becomes resistance and gives voice to an unvoiced people and to a cause. Mining in... Continue Reading →

where refugees had to go

little singing birds are diving into the fire the smell of burning bird of suicided song is mistaken for a dark day in Australia overcast skies, the weather reader reports (Hodan Yasin and Omid Masoumali, young refugees from Somalia and Iran and detained by Australia, set themselves on fire within a week of each other)... Continue Reading →

Excerpt: The Butterfly Prison

The first pages of the Butterfly Prison: Who made the story rules? Once, stories had been an oral tradition, a way to teach. Then they were stolen, canned, and sold. But now and then people tried to reclaim stories. They told them in order to redefine corrupted ideas and to name injustice. They broke the... Continue Reading →

The beautiful minds of refugees

Refugees are talked about, judged, imprisoned, abused (to their face, in racist gatherings, in the hoards of naive and nasty social media comments) but rarely heard from. They have the most to tell about their experiences and migration policy. Their opinions and dreamings about life, politics, and humanity are important. Here, thanks to The Refugee... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘The Butterfly Prison’ by Tamara Pearson Affectionately Demands Change

By Andre Vltchek, teleSUR The Butterfly Prison begins slowly, combining seemingly disconnected stories that are taking place in poor neighborhoods of Australia. The stories are like tiny vignettes; shy, modest, minimalistic but always significant and beautifully told. A fear here, a bitter humiliation there, a dream of a child interrupted by a police officer. Then... Continue Reading →

Just Another Drunk Black?

Just another drunk black is what u said, When u came n 'helped' him today, Your eyes were filled with a look of disgust, As you came and took him away. Who the hell are you to judge him, I ask, Do you think ur shit really don't stink? Just because he has dark skin,... Continue Reading →

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