The privilege and limits of minimalism, and what really makes a difference

“Get rid of stuff you don’t need”, “throw out extra sheets”, “I threw out 90% of my stuff and you should too,” some people are saying on social networks, as though there were a black hole in the sky where stuff goes, and no environmental consequences to landfill. As though, for some, destressing were as... Continue Reading →

Losing a revolution, and learning to trust again

I think the big mistake Chavez made at the end of his life was not trusting the people – the millions who had spent the past 15 or so years participating in the Bolivarian revolution. After all those years, all those meetings and marches, he could have left it to the people to choose someone... Continue Reading →

Why non-plated food epitomises everything that is wrong with the world.

Non-plated food is lacking in imagination and a symptom of societal stupidity. In rich countries and the wealthier areas of poor countries it has become trendy for restaurants to serve food on cutting boards and slates, as well as “deconstructed” meals in cups, juice in watering cans, sausages in skulls and hanging from branches (seriously),... Continue Reading →

The harm done by claiming writers aren’t professionals

Many people would put creative writers (novelists, poets, investigative journalists, satire writers etc) in the hobby basket, alongside people who like camping, stamp collectors, and amateur basketball players. And for many creative writers, that might well be the case. But for others, writing is not a side gig, a Sunday morning past time, or a... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: “Preaching” politics

Some journalists, writers, and fiction authors would argue that when we have a social justice message we should communicate it subtly through situation, rather than stating the message outright. Many argue that this method respects the reader more - they'll understand. On the other hand, respect can also be just saying what you mean, clearly,... Continue Reading →

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