Losing a revolution, and learning to trust again

I think the big mistake Chavez made at the end of his life was not trusting the people – the millions who had spent the past 15 or so years participating in the Bolivarian revolution. After all those years, all those meetings and marches, he could have left it to the people to choose someone... Continue Reading →

You kicked in the middle of a global pandemic

And you kicked... Just as the applause for the NHS workers began to rise Pitter patters Accompanying the fireworks in the sky And you kicked In the middle of a global pandemic As sanctions crushed the earth which dreamt you into existence As healthcare workers battled to save lives & workers walked out factory gates,... Continue Reading →

When hope hides

... in unreachable corners and it feels like the conservatives run the world (because they do) and life is reduced to a constant struggle to keep your head above the water and not drown...there's poems like this that don't solve it all by any means but do help you step back a bit, and breathe:... Continue Reading →

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