Brave poets don’t just write poetry – On Otto René Castillo

“But I don't shut up and I don't die.I liveand fight, maddeningthose who rule my country. For if I liveI fight,and if I fightI contribute to the dawn.”― Otto Rene Castillo There is a poem stuck to the door of the small room where I work and write, and it's by Otto Rene Castillo. It's about... Continue Reading →

You can’t buy the wind

These are my translated lyrics of Calle 13's 'Latin America' - a continent in resistance, in rebellion, re-asserting its beautiful, diverse, colourful, and courageous identity, free of US and European dominance I am. I am what they left behind, I am the leftovers of what they stole, A town hidden on the peak, My skin is... Continue Reading →

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