what the cicada said to the brown boy

i've seen what they make of you how they render you a multiplicity of mistakes they have undone me as well pulled back my shell and feasted on my flesh claimed it was for their survival and they wonder why I only show my face every seventeen years but you you're lucky if they let... Continue Reading →

On borders: Dot and Dash

Between your people and my people there is a dot and a dash: the dash says you can't pass, the dot says the road is closed. And like that, between all the peoples: dot dash dot dash. With so many dots and dashes, the map is a telegram. ¬†Walking about the world one sees rivers... Continue Reading →

Just Another Drunk Black?

Just another drunk black is what u said, When u came n 'helped' him today, Your eyes were filled with a look of disgust, As you came and took him away. Who the hell are you to judge him, I ask, Do you think ur shit really don't stink? Just because he has dark skin,... Continue Reading →

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