Gallery: Syrian war art is more important than Hollywood

It is unacceptable that the Syrian war and its deep, shattering, complicated consequences, are largely boycotted by most mainstream and commercial media. But as a journalist and a novelist I can understand that there are aspects of this war that are better communicated through art than through the rough cold facts of news. Blindness, turning... Continue Reading →

Remember when they burnt down the buses

Marcus' photos of destruction wrought by right wing violence in Venezuela 2014, of the rain-soaked and bright-eyed supportersĀ at Chavez's last election rally in 2013, of the kids of the alternative school, are beautiful because they defy the media stereotypes of what these moments, events, and experiences are like. The kids are empowered, rather than receivers... Continue Reading →

The story of my two leg scars.

It was a year since Chavez had died. The opposition violence had started around 3 weeks ago, with blockades set up right outside our barrio, at the main intersection on our side heading to work, and along most of the main roads. They threatened people, often at gun point, if you tried to go past,... Continue Reading →

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