Writing for liberation exercise: Surreal words

We paint with words. We take colours and ideas and forms and we stroke and blend them together to create new things. For this exercise, take inspiration from these surreal art works, and brainstorm at least 10 objects, at least 10 verbs, and at least 10 descriptive adjectives (colours, shape etc), and use them to... Continue Reading →

Writing exercise: Go crazy

The students I work with struggle to let go sometimes: I have to find tools, techniques and activities which seemingly give them permission to be creative. At the ages of 12-15, they have been excessively trained in the so-called rules of writing, drawing, and maths: to do the task as the teacher asks, because the... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: understanding creativity

What is creativity? Let's do this exercise, then talk about it. Write a list of ten uses for a toothpick. Then, if you are working on a poem, article, story or even a drawing, write a list of ten alternate ways you could have done it, or ten alternate endings, or beginnings - whatever alternative... Continue Reading →

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