How to rid your search results of unreliable and low-grade content + list of sites to block

Sometimes you have to click through to the forth of fifth page of Google results to get past the content-farmed sites and unhelpful Quora pages, and it's starting to get really annoying. What's particularly concerning is that the average web user won't go past the first five search results – meaning that corporate sponsored content... Continue Reading →

Why you should forget about read and share numbers

Lately, many of us have come to see read and share numbers as an efficient way to quantify a hierarchy of writers, journalists, opinions, artists, video producers and so on. We've adopted the market mentality that more article and post reads means more consumption, which is a good thing, no matter what. Validation is numerical,... Continue Reading →

Calling the bullshit brigade on “people who drink coffee are smart” articles

You've all seen them and most of you have shared them, because social media virility is based on people sharing stuff that boosts their identity. And these articles, the "messy people are more creative" and "people who wake up late are nicer" are aimed at boosting ego for doing very elementary and extremely common things.... Continue Reading →

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