Creative Free Web Apps for Rebellious Writers

OneLook: This is a beautiful, multi-functional thesaurus, and reverse dictionary. Look up the description of that word you can't think of, and the site makes at least 100 suggestions. You can also look up single words, and the site suggests synonyms that can be sorted by the letter they start with, rhymes with..., primary vowel,... Continue Reading →

Writing exercise: Go crazy

The students I work with struggle to let go sometimes: I have to find tools, techniques and activities which seemingly give them permission to be creative. At the ages of 12-15, they have been excessively trained in the so-called rules of writing, drawing, and maths: to do the task as the teacher asks, because the... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: lose cliches

Not only do cliches tend to reinforce the status quo and stereotypes, they are also pretty boring. Here is an exercise to practice doing without: 1) Chose a any word... eg love, old, sky.. 2) For the word, list the 6 most obvious associated words. Eg Love: romance, heart, couple, kiss, date .. Old: wrinkles,... Continue Reading →

Calling the bullshit brigade on “people who drink coffee are smart” articles

You've all seen them and most of you have shared them, because social media virility is based on people sharing stuff that boosts their identity. And these articles, the "messy people are more creative" and "people who wake up late are nicer" are aimed at boosting ego for doing very elementary and extremely common things.... Continue Reading →

Non academic and more creative forms of analysis should be taken more seriously

In the world of struggle, as with the rest of the world, academic texts and nonfiction books and texts are often seen as the main tools to understand the world and the issues and power dynamics we deal with. In struggle world, writers of such texts are taken seriously, are interviewed in our alternative media,... Continue Reading →

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