The two big things missing from self worth content

Most self worth advice is useful. But most of it puts all the responsibility on us, rather than also looking at the social and economic patterns generating such rampant low self worth among the global population.

Resistance words from Turkey

A Dead Sun - by Bejan Matur I peel night from the dead sun's flesh and like a scarf wrap it round my head The graves of children - by Bejan Matur So – we died. We flitted out of darkness. Beaches bore witness, as did the tiniest of stones. Night and stars streamed above us where... Continue Reading →

A Lack of Political Literacy Is Killing Us

Political literacy is more important than technological literacy – without it, democracy and freedom are a sham. It can be easier to stand up to police harassment, bureaucratic abuses or corruption or workplace abuse, when you know your rights and the law. Likewise, political literacy is vital as a tool of defence, conversation, and organisation... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: Madlib poem

The purpose of this exercise is to have some fun, play with those creative juices, and get them flowing for ideas to come. We're going to use someone else's poem though, so the product coming out of this obviously can't be used elsewhere: but in the process of doing this exercise or afterwards, who knows... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: “Preaching” politics

Some journalists, writers, and fiction authors would argue that when we have a social justice message we should communicate it subtly through situation, rather than stating the message outright. Many argue that this method respects the reader more - they'll understand. On the other hand, respect can also be just saying what you mean, clearly,... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: Who are you as a writer?

Our role as writers, and the way we write varies with the social and economic times that we find ourselves in, and with who we are. That is, our writing reflects and rebels against the current inequalities, the current discourse, and our own economic oppression. It can take up the current struggles, and it speaks... Continue Reading →

Life isn’t smooth and novels needn’t be either

What speed does history travel at? What is the rhythm of humanity? What sort of chapters best capture the pace of life? What types of stories are most suited to a world where a quarter of the world seems to live on the Internet, and three-quarters are struggling with food and shelter? We're told it's... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: news writing prompts

Here are some writing prompts for a story, poem, vignette, spoken word... taken from the current news. Rebel! Imagine! What would that be like? What could happen instead?Or what's the worst or best that can happen? A French police officer accidentally fired a gun during the president's speech. Then.. A woman who kept a £20... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: venting anger

Sometimes some people mishandle their anger, but the feeling itself is legit. Though global injustice is wretched and ongoing, today many people are feeling an impotent anger and a lot of dread that is leaving them with low energy and struggling to think clearly. Here is an exercise to vent that anger, and perhaps even... Continue Reading →

Ben Okri: A New Dream of Politics (in England?)

They say there is only one way for politics. That it looks with hard eyes at the hard world And shapes it with a ruler’s edge, Measuring what is possible against Acclaim, support, and votes. They say there is only one way to dream For the people, to give them not what they need But... Continue Reading →

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