Writing for liberation exercise: venting anger

Sometimes some people mishandle their anger, but the feeling itself is legit. Though global injustice is wretched and ongoing, today many people are feeling an impotent anger and a lot of dread that is leaving them with low energy and struggling to think clearly. Here is an exercise to vent that anger, and perhaps even turn it into something harsh and powerful.

  1. Write a list of 10 objects that epitomize your feelings (eg cardboard if you feel bland, dust if you feel scattered, rusty slates of zinc for grinding-teeth anger etc)
  2. Take the 3-7 best of those objects and make them as specific as possible (eg pasty cardboard ripped up into small pieces).
  3. Write an anger poem or tiny story using your objects. Vent. Start in a place and get it out and don’t stop, and don’t edit. Let your sentences reflect how you feel – choppy and abrupt, scattered, or however you like.

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