Art for sexual diversity

Over the past few months Australians have been subject to a postal poll on whether everyone should have the right to get married, or just male-female couples. In defending sexual diversity, Aussies have created some vibrant and inspiring art - with just a sample of it shared below: Source: ABC Artist: n2o_jo Artist: teganiverson Artist:... Continue Reading →

40 Books by Oppressed People in 40 weeks

I've set a goal to read 40 novels or fiction/prose works (eg poetry, memoirs) by oppressed people by the end of this year (1 a week). This includes books by authors in thirdworld countries, women, sexually diverse authors, workers, indigenous peoples, people who face systemic racism, poor people, refugees and more. These people are, in... Continue Reading →

What Would a Pro-Sexual Diversity World Look Like?

It is 2035, in the middle of a hazy summer. Raging struggles have been won and the world has been turned right-side up again. Sexual diversity, along with all the other wonderful human ways of being, has been embraced. I am old, and my skin is cross-hatched with wrinkles – one for each book (bits... Continue Reading →

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