40 Books by Oppressed People in 40 weeks

I’ve set a goal to read 40 novels or fiction/prose works (eg poetry, memoirs) by oppressed people by the end of this year (1 a week). This includes books by authors in thirdworld countries, women, sexually diverse authors, workers, indigenous peoples, people who face systemic racism, poor people, refugees and more. These people are, in practice, boycotted by school English curricula, the publishing industry, bookshops, and reviewers. There are exceptions of course, but 90% of books are by well off white men – creating a distorted perception of the world for readers. Many good people I know have never read a book by a woman, for example. The books we read become part of who we are, adding to the complexity of our minds and the depth of our actions – so this is a call out for suggestions for my list of 40… and if you can send a pdf or link my way that’d be bonus appreciated :) – Comment below or email tamararedbird at gmail.com

Once I have the list I’ll post it here for others!


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