Life isn’t smooth and novels needn’t be either

What speed does history travel at? What is the rhythm of humanity? What sort of chapters best capture the pace of life? What types of stories are most suited to a world where a quarter of the world seems to live on the Internet, and three-quarters are struggling with food and shelter? We're told it's... Continue Reading →

Non academic and more creative forms of analysis should be taken more seriously

In the world of struggle, as with the rest of the world, academic texts and nonfiction books and texts are often seen as the main tools to understand the world and the issues and power dynamics we deal with. In struggle world, writers of such texts are taken seriously, are interviewed in our alternative media,... Continue Reading →

Story ache

Every person had at least one incredible story frolicking inside them. But the market chose quick satisfaction, supermarket weekends, air-conditioned adventures, television colonisation, thought minimalisation, bomb production. It made the story people tired. Stories died. Souls put to paper, internal battles portrayed in magic metaphors were blown into the air, then caught in nets and... Continue Reading →

Ben Okri Quotes: We Are Living Our Stories

“The law is simple. Every experience is repeated or suffered till you experience it properly and fully the first time.” “That's the way it is. If you believe in something your very belief renders you unqualified to do it. Your earnestness will come across. Your passion will show. Your enthusiasm will make everyone nervous. And... Continue Reading →

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