Raised By A Same-Sex Couple: An Open Letter to the Australian Christian Lobby

Written by my partner…

DISSENT! Sans Frontières

Australian lawmakers are set to begin debating same-sex marriage next week, and the anti-equality brigade is not happy at all. To try to cheer up Australia’s top anti-same-sex marriage campaigner, I just sent him a short, friendly letter.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s managing director Lyle Shelton is the public face of the campaign against same-sex marriage in Australia. I certainly don’t agree with him on everything, but I do agree with his motto, which can be aptly summarized by Helen Lovejoy’s catchphrase, “won’t somebody please think of the children.” But for once in my life I should make a minor confession: I mostly agree out of pure narcissism.

An open letter to Mr Lyle Shelton: Thank you, and yes, we must consider the children

Dear Mr Lyle Shelton,

I wholeheartedly agree with the central thrust of your argument regarding same-sex marriage: that the welfare of children should be central to…

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  1. hi Ryan I was very nicely informed by your wonderful blog…..thank you for inviting me into your heart….. >


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