Poem dedicated to a girl


Listen girl, when they compliment you, calling you beautiful, or when they humiliate you, calling you ugly, don’t listen to anyone. They only want to lock you up in the mirror of a different kind of loneliness. You should live, not please. Beauty is in life. When they read Little Red Riding Hood to you, they want to show you the fear of choosing your own path. Be alert, girl, the real wolves are those who would kill your freedom.

When they read you Snow White, its to convert you into a servant, though maybe for a silly man. Rebel girl! It’s humiliating to serve if its not a reciprocated gesture. When they read you Sleeping Beauty, they are injecting a strong venom in you that stops ideas, so that when you are older, a man without many problems will be the owner of your brain. Don’t sleep girl!

Your intelligence frightens them, that’s why they call you stupid. But when they say you are intelligent, don’t trust them too much, perhaps they want you to accept their position.

When they tell you you are sweet and good, be on your guard. What they mean is they have you in their pocket and they control the beating of your heart. Are you sweet, or have they domesticated you? When they tell you that you are neat and refined, poor girl, you are already ruined, they have made a statue of you which doesn’t get dirty because it doesn’t move.

When they teach you to live sadly, try craziness, girl. Pain is a reality that should be faced when it happens, not a value on which to build life … Happiness is the greater challenge.

By María Teresa d’Antea, translated by Tamara Pearson

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