Until It Isn’t – Poem by Remi Kanazi

death becomes exciting
tolls, pictures, videos
tweeting carnage
instagramming collapse
hearts racing to break

24-hour entertainment
every glimpse, splinter
and particle of pain
jammed into torsos
and cheekbones

loved ones
want to sit
for a minute
and cry quietly

no words, no poetry
before Internet and
dialed-up emotions
before black and
white ideologies

before a person
I called friend
defended massacres
before the victims
were laid to rest
before chemical weapons
ravaged insides
before refugee
meant grandmother

suffering 2.0
keyboard clicks
like bombs so effortlessly

all damage collateral
never personal
voyeurs hop on and off
like carnival rides

death becomes
until it isn’t
until boredom sets in
and desensitization begins
until the next ride emerges
somewhere else
more captivating

From Truthout

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