On 1 November the animals were blamed..

On this day, the first case of mad cow disease was found in Britain.

Eduardo Galeano writes…

Danger! Animals!
In 1986 mad cow disease struck the British Isles and more than two million cows suspected of harbouring contagious dementia faced capital punishment.
In 1997 avian flu from Hong Kong sowed panic and condemned a million and a half birds to premature death.
In 2009, Mexico and the United States suffered an outbreak of swine flu, and the entire world had to shield itself from the plague. Millions of pigs, no one knows howmany, were sacrificed for coughing or sneezing.
Who is guilty of causing human disease? Animals.
It’s that simple.
Free of all suspicion are the giants of global agribusiness, those sorcerer’s apprentices who turn food into high potency chemical bombs.


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