Writing for liberation exercise: who we write for

While without a doubt we often write for ourselves, our writing that we want to be read is speaking out to others with a message, fighting for a cause (even if that cause, in the case of conservatives, is to maintain the status quo). There is a lot of stuff out there about keeping your audience in mind, or letting one person in your imagine be that audience, and you imagine you are writing for them.

But in this exercise, lets write directly to a person or social sector. Let’s write a letter that starts, for example, “To all women”, or “To the trans children” and tell them exactly what we want to say. Like all exercises, the idea is to stretch the brain, practice an aspect of writing (in this case, audience), and to play around and see what comes out, rather than produce a final, finished story, or poem. What do you want to tell people?


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