Writing for liberation exercise: Monsters


Horror films are often allegories for what we most fear – and what we most fear is often political (nuclear wars, war and violence, disappearances, sexual violence, or even just not being heard or listened to).

In this exercise, we’re going to use similar sorts of metaphors to look at issues (personal or political or both) affecting us today.

And we’re going to do some drawing – though if that’s not your thing, don’t worry- it’s just to work out ideas.

  1. Think of your greatest fear right now. Again, it can be personal or about broader society.
  2. Draw the monster version of that fear. Let’s say you chose a certain kind of violence – would that violence be big or small? What sort of facial expression would it wear? Would it have broad shoulders or narrow ones? Would it be hairy? What would a monster that represents this violence be doing?
  3. Now, you can write about it – maybe you have a character or story in mind, or maybe you just want to write to get something off your chest or make a point, but write about this fear, and use your drawing to inspire you to write about it in unusual and creative ways.

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