Mexico’s revenge

Trump called the people here rapists. White people in the US think it’s legit that Mexican migrants work there for less, doing the hardest work, with no rights.
You know the story, but do you hear about the resistance to the narrative, to the demonisation and discrimination? Does the media tell you what Mexicans, and US-Mexicans have to say about all that?
Here are three pieces of bold and brilliant poetry that is standing up for Mexican dignity, standing against the wall, and recalling history.

“Whether we are considered legal or illegal: there we are, there we have been, there we will stay. The Mexican’s revenge.”

Reyes: artist and organiser and facilitator of workshops on merging creative expression and critical thought.

“Who the fuck taught you history, Donald? It seems as though you forgot that the south-west border,the frontera, the soil that I soaked my sweat in, a home that once belong to Aztecas, Mexica warriors, indigenous peoples who were then enslaved and murdered by white men, who kinda looked like you…”

Mercedez Holtry: slam poet, writer, student, mentor, and Chicana feminist.

“She is too young to know what ‘border’ means. She thinks that people are just family members who haven’t met yet. After her family arrives, she will learn that there are some borders you can’t cross by foot.”

Denice Frohman: poet, writer, performer and educator.

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