Writing for liberation exercise: odd moments

It can be nice, and freeing, to move away from the typical (overused, cliche) plot points of murder, marriage, affairs, and winning, to just honing in on a single, strange moment. I like these moments because they are so humanising, and precisely because they can counter the Hollywood cliches about life and what is exciting and moving.

Think of a recent moment – something that happened today, or in the last few days – something that happened to you, or that you witnessed, and that left some sort of impression. Either write it up straight away, in as much detail as you can muster, or first brainstorm all the smells, lights, sounds, textures, words, and reactions that you can – then write it up.

Most likely, this very short, simple, unusual moment contains a whole a story, or conveys something important. Or, even if it doesn’t, revel in the fun of honing into those unique and particular details about the scene.

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