Creativity exercise: photo challenges

A lot of people on social media are doing the 7-day black and white photo challenge, so here are some more creativity-provoking photo challenges to try. After you’re done, you could even use them as story prompts or for mini writing exercises (with a vignette for each photo).

Note, for these you could do one a day, but I actually find taking a camera or phone out for an hour and taking them all at once a lot more eye-opening: you spend that hour utterly aware of all things yellow, or square etc – depending on the challenge.

  1. Take ten photos of things that are, overall, triangle shaped.
  2. Take ten photos of things in public spaces that people don’t notice
  3. Take ten photos of different sized holes
  4. Take ten close-up photos of rubbish
  5. Take ten profile type photos of people’s hands
  6. Take ten photos of the corner of something fairly large
  7. Take ten photos of people waiting impatiently at traffic lights
  8. Take ten photos of things that are yellow
  9. Take ten photos of water interacting with urban life
  10. Take ten photos of people taking photos of things with their phones


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