Writing for liberation course – intermediate to advanced

While there are a lot of free or affordable courses online for writing (and perhaps also in person in your local area), these tend to focus on the basics. The art of writing takes a whole life time to master. It’s an ongoing process of experimentation, discovery, and fine-tuning. One way to help your growth as a writer is to listen to other writers. So, I’ve compiled this writing course of free resources for myself – feel free to take from it what works for you.

  • Writing magical realism – article.
  • Literature and form – four 1-hour lectures on topics like comparative literature, the unreliable narrator, multiple plotting,  and chapters. 
  • Writing sources – 80 mins lecture
  • World literature – various videos and readings for 13 novels from around the world. 
  • Characteristics of magical realism – 12 min video
  • Guillermo del Toro: 1st master class 100mins, Spanish.  Second master class, 2 hours. Third master class, 3 hours.
  • Psychoanalysis and literature – writing trauma, sexuality, ego and more – 43 mp3 podcasts about 1 hour each. 
  • Latin American history throughout the novel – 24 video lectures (U Houston) 
  • Various short video chats by Eduardo Galeano and Gabrial Garcia Marquez on writing (mostly just in Spanish). Link, link, link, link, link, link


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