Why resist with words?

“I believe the world is beautiful, and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone.”–Roque Dalton

“Books are the engines of change, windows on the world, lighthouses erected in the sea of time. They are companions … treasures of the mind … humanity in print,” – Arthur Schopenhauer

“Art has often judged the judges … shown to the future what the past has suffered … the powerful fear art … as it becomes a meeting of the invisible,” – John Berger

Poetry, stories, and art cross borders. They humanise both author and subject, bring a cause to life, and promote empathy. Through writing and reading we learn about the social character of our personal lives, and we develop individual and collective identities.

Creativity as a process bestows dignity, and when we write (or paint, sing, or dance) we show that we as a people are incredible, and we are worth fighting for. Creativity is also a way of being; it is unlazy thought that goes beyond the obvious and accepted to find interesting solutions. Only being creative can we imagine the change that we want to see, and start to head towards it.

Creativity, expression, opinion, and thought are as much necessary for human life as water and air. They should be for everyone, but the right to think profoundly is still limited to an elite few. With some rare exceptions, it is the first world, men, white people, university graduates, and above all, the rich, who are heard louder and more often than others in the media and in fiction and non-fiction.  The rest of us often doubt that our opinions are even valuable and our stories worth telling, we doubt our ability to theorise, propose, and imagine. Until our voices matter just as much, democracy is a farce.

On this website I post stories and poems, and even photos and art, to promote excluded narratives and to promote creativity as one of many tools of resistance. I welcome submissions (to tamararedbird at gmail.com), including things that have been published elsewhere, and will link back to the original posting or the author’s blog.

In struggle,


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  1. I have a proposal for action which carries the imprimaturs of the late Howard Zinn and a score of high profile international figures. I’d like to delineate it for you, as it addresses issues which are dear to our collective hearts (including apathy) following a fresh paradigm. Please write to me at 12Citizens@gmail.com; I’d also welcome contact with any readers of this blog. In solidarity, Richard Martin Oxman P.S. I have Stage IV metastasized Colon Cancer so I won’t waste anyone’s time.


    1. I’m not replying to the above, but wanted to thank you for your article
      “A Journalist Dissects a Biased Chart of Media Biases,” which I recently read in Counterpunch. It was strong, yet nuanced and detailed. It well expressed, clarified, and extended things I had been thinking about for years. Jeff Barnard, email is barneyphil@hotmail.com. P.S., Btw, you might ask CP to refer give more detailed info about how to follow you than “her blog.” When one googles “Tamara Pearson ” pages of urls which have nothing to do with your project come up. Being persistent, I will now be able to follow you. Thanks again.


  2. Thank your for your wonderful work. My friends and I are starting a study group. Could you please recommend a good book of anti-imperialist history of Mexico?

    Thank you!
    In solidarity…


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