Peter Rugh: We’ve Charted the Flaming Arch

we’ve charted the flaming arch
of nitroglycerine stars
dreams that explode against reality
seen dragons emerge from clouds of tear gas
and men in shades of midnight run away
the Street muscle down skyscrapers
in cities perspiring chaos
heard the Square speak clear as dawn
etching the scaffolds of what may come

come what may
buildings gutted by indigence
overflow with a song that refuses to disperse
which knows no bounds
that demands the impossible
even as the odds of crumbs are slim
because the “because it is so” is so unreasonable
seeks nothing less than to grind us into powdered milk
to crack cocaine our calcium
but we can’t dissolve except into hot rhythm
infusing veins that entwine fossils in liquid blue iron

Originally posted on Red Wedge

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