Writing for liberation exercise: opposites

Often talking about or thinking about opposites has a similar psychological effect to telling people not to think about something (they won’t be able to help thinking about it). Here, I am suggesting you create (ie describe) a character that is the exact opposite of you-with all your complexity of faults, strengths, and strange habits. The act of thinking about what is opposite to you will of course, make you think about who you are. These exercises can also be great for empathising with things or people who are very different to you.

You could list the traits of this character, or put them in a short story and include a description by showing instead of telling (X played baseball on Sundays and took long naps in the middle of the day, instead X liked baseball and sleep).

Alternatively, here are some more opposites activities you could try – they are good fun, and will help you critically think about the topic.

-Write about someone who has the opposite kind of life to you

-Describe someone who lives in opposite social and economic conditions to you. What is that like?

-Describe an opposite house to yours. Here you can have more fun, be a bit surreal :)

-Describe a world, country, town, or setting that is the opposite to what you’re living in

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