The importance of making up stories for kids

The benefits of reading books to children are well known, but making up stories for and with them is the pinnacle of care and teaching. The good news is, it isn't about telling a perfect story. Instead, it's about giving interactive attention to the children, creating memories, passing on morals and culture that are important... Continue Reading →

Writing to sell or please others limits creativity

How many mind-blowing, thought-provoking and beautiful books or films can you think of that were created while trying to please others? Doesn't the most impactful, memorable writing boldly challenge the status quo, play with aesthetics, and startle us instead? Here are some reasons why writers should steer clear of pleasing others: 1) When a writer... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: Make it ugly

Clotty seas, fungal walls, insipid kindness, reckless jokes, a grotty smile - it can be fun to play with contrasts, the unexpected, and in this case - make nice things ugly. It's easy to find all the right adjectives and stack them up in front of the horrid stuff of life. And it's easy to... Continue Reading →

How creativity is killed in the Majority World

Watching a video of Jim Carrey painting, you can see he has a wonderful sense of play and colour, as he creates a range of giant paintings in his warehouse-sized studio. He bashfully covers a canvas double the size of my bedroom with paint, and he pours thick, luscious acrylic paint from cans in wonderful pink... Continue Reading →

Creative Free Web Apps for Rebellious Writers

OneLook: This is a beautiful, multi-functional thesaurus, and reverse dictionary. Look up the description of that word you can't think of, and the site makes at least 100 suggestions. You can also look up single words, and the site suggests synonyms that can be sorted by the letter they start with, rhymes with..., primary vowel,... Continue Reading →

Writing for liberation exercise: opposites

Often talking about or thinking about opposites has a similar psychological effect to telling people not to think about something (they won't be able to help thinking about it). Here, I am suggesting you create (ie describe) a character that is the exact opposite of you-with all your complexity of faults, strengths, and strange habits.... Continue Reading →

Struggle, and your state of mind

Changing the world, revolution, struggle, organisation: they are among the hardest things we will ever do or try. Not just because we do this stuff on top of work and other commitments, not just because sometimes we are attacked by police, arrested, or bullied by rightwing people, but because of the emotional stamina it takes... Continue Reading →

Letter to a little person

To new tiny person, New being, seed of human, bundle of questions with a whole world to get to know, remember to delight in falling over. Babies are wonderful at getting up again. Keep that. Remember that imagination is your strength. Wonder keeps you alive. Ask as many questions as you can, always. Play until... Continue Reading →

What if imagining things made them possible.

What if selfishness were illegal and books could watch us and our dances drew our faces and the rivers remembered and beauty were untouchable and sleep were stolen and kisses were limited and words were earned and laughter turned the air purple and causing poverty were punishable What if imagining things made them possible. by... Continue Reading →

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